Makeup Lessons

We began offering one-to-one makeup lessons after being asked by a number of people how to apply make up, what products to use and how to recreate a look. We will design this one-to-one service just for you based upon your needs and lifestyle.

This may include how to apply makeup for a particular look you want to achieve, how to apply makeup quickly and professionally for work, interviews and special occasions, how to turn a day look into an evening look and how to refresh an outdated look. We will discuss different products with you and based on this teach you key techniques such as creating the perfect foundation, contouring and highlighting, how to achieve dazzling eyes and how to make your lipstick last. All of this will include finding the style and colours that best suit you.

We will also help you go through your current makeup bag and re-build your ideal makeup set.

This service can also be delivered as a group session, please Contact us for individual prices.