Smokey Eyes

Achieving the perfect smokey eyes is simple and yet a stunning look. Follow my five simple steps to the perfect smokey eyes. Smokey Eyes - NGJ Makeup

1. Apply primer to the eye lid and socket to ensure your makeup stays put all night long (try Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer, £16)

2. Use a dark brown / black eye pencil across the whole eyelid. Build this up to just under the eye socket. Use a large blending brush (try MAC eye blending brush 217, £18), with no product and blend over the whole eye area to soften and smudge the pencil. Apply pressed powder on top to set.

3. Choose your eye colour. Try black shimmer, dark purple, greys or green to add a sexy element of surprise to your look (Bobbi Brown have an amazing selection of eye shadows, £15). You will need a dark and medium version of your chosen colour. Add the dark version to your whole eyelid and also underneath your bottom lashes. Then add the medium colour just above your socket and below your brow. Use a light cream/white eyeshadow just below your brow and the inner corners of your eyes to highlight and brighten your eyes.

4. Blend! This is step is important... use a fluffy brush (try MAC tapered blending brush 224, £16) to soften the edges starting by blending the lightest colours. Make sure that your lid color does not have a harsh divide with your dark color. Avoid this by gently move your brush in a “C” shape at the meeting of these two colors to help them to form a smooth ombre effect.

5. Add mascara to finish the look. Apply this by wiggling your brush between your lashes to avoid clumping. Add no more than two coats to the top lashes and one to the bottom.

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